Posted by: Sara | July 24, 2013

Air Force Marathon, No More

Up until now, I didn’t fully appreciate how life will literally always have its way and sometimes, the dice falls on the day that you have been training 18 weeks for. As those of you who have been following my newborn blog, I have been training since May to run my fourth marathon, the Air Force Marathon, in September 2013. I was in my 8th week of training when I learned that a very dear friend of mine would be getting married on that same day. With the marathon in Dayton, Ohio and the wedding in Leesburg, Virginia, there would be no feasible way that I could run the race and get back to DC before the wedding– although it certainly provided an incentive to run the race faster!

Was I disappointed? Well, sure, at first– marathons are not the kind of thing you can just wake up and run, unless maybe you’re Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother.” And I had been looking forward to running this race because my grandfather, father, and brother are all Air Force pilots, so it was personal to me. But am I crushed? No way. Fall is marathon season– there are tons of races all over the place. All this really turned out to be was a minor setback in my training as I was quickly able to find a slot in the Baltimore Running Festival Marathon on October 12, and I will be running that race for the nonprofit organization Advocates for the Survivors of Torture and Trauma (ASTT). So, really, sometimes life will have its way and be really mean about it, but in this case, life is giving me two great things: I will get to see my dear friend get married and I will still get to run a marathon while raising money for an incredibly necessary cause in a city where I can eat all the crabs I want after I meet my “Fourth in Four” goal. I couldn’t be more grateful than that.

In addition, the wonderful crew at the Air Force Marathon have what a LOT of races don’t have (or at least that I know of): a transfer program. Through the marathon’s Facebook community, I was able to find someone who wanted to run the full marathon and I sold my bib to him. The process was simple, straightforward, and legitimate: I transferred out, sent him the email with the instructions to get registered, and voila– he is in and I am out. He’s also sending me the money to reimburse me for the registration fee. I can’t express how excited I am that I don’t have to lose out on $100. I really have nothing to be upset about.

So, okay, I won’t be running a marathon in September. But I will be seeing a good friend pledge her love, honor, and loyalty to her new husband for the rest of her life. A worthwhile cause will be getting a $250 donation. And I will eat lots of crabs in Baltimore in October. Maybe the way you plan for life isn’t as good as what it could be if things go the way they are meant to go.

Sara, 0. Life, 1.

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