Posted by: Sara | August 1, 2013

Wake Up Early August

If you read my post from yesterday, Running As Coping, you’d know that I’ve been having a lot of trouble with running because of everything going on in my life and because of a tight IT band. Nothing has really changed in the past day and it’s unusual for me to write back-to-back posts like this; however, it is also the end of July and I have not been very good about meeting my goal of transitioning to early morning workouts. In fact, I’ve pretty much totally sucked at it. Part of it is because I am NOT a morning person at all. You can ask my mother this. She will likely one-up that with a resounding, “Pa-ha!” Mornings, plain and simple, are not my thing. Never have been.

But I have to start learning how to get my workouts done first thing in the morning, and here’s why:

  • I am highly-skilled in over-thinking. I have a bad habit of not just doing something when I know it needs to be done. I will rationalize the crap out of my daily run and when I should run it by wondering, ‘Should I eat something first? What can I eat that won’t upset my stomach? Did I have enough water to drink? It’s only a __-miler and I don’t want to carry a water bottle. What all do I have on my plate today? Will I be able to run __ miles before dark?’ You get the idea. I do this because I am constantly terrified of having such a bad run that I won’t be able to look it in the face anymore. I’m a Type-A runner; it has to be perfect or at least really great and fulfilling and kick-ass or I will take it to heart. This has to stop. Bad runs happen and good runs are much more about the mental effort you bring to it than the physical effort.
  • I’m still in the bowels of unemployment, but I won’t be forever. I don’t know when I will start working again. It may be very soon– I’ve had a LOT of great interviews lately– or it may be later (please God, no). But whenever it is that I start a new job, I will have a lot of pent-up energy from not working for almost seven months that I will want to throw myself into ensuring my success in my new role from Day One. If I have to stay past close-of-business to catch up on some reports or a project that I find myself in the middle of, I will be that one bright window on an inky black, empty building of windows. And I will be very grateful to myself that I got my workout done early so I can kick ass at my new job.
  • So I can have one less stress on my plate. Believe it or not, I have actually managed to wake up early and work out on occasion, and it always, always, always allows me to get through the day with less stress. Not only do I feel amazing, refreshed, and kind of badass (I used to brag to my co-workers that I was on mile 8 while they were still picking out their ties/shoes for the day!) Plus, when things come up at the last-minute like happy hours, thunderstorms, or last-minute projects, I can handle them freely.
  • Because something always, always, always comes up. Like two days ago when a potential employer asked me for a writing sample by the next day (and for a job that I didn’t want to just send something irrelevant since this would basically be a dream job for me) or tonight when I realized how dark it was getting to be outside and then I opened the door and saw an approaching thunderstorm or a few weeks ago when I realized I didn’t have enough wine on hand to make “Sharknado” a truly memorable experience (for the record, I did not skip my run to watch “Sharknado”….but I did shorten it) or….well, you get the idea. Getting a run out of the way first thing in the morning is a much bigger stress reliever than the actual run itself.
  • Because someday I will have no other choice but to get my run done first thing. Right now, I am free as a bird with no mini-me’s running around my delirious, sleep-deprived body, so I have the luxury of getting up any time I want to run. But that won’t be forever (please God) and I will want to be in the habit of waking up early by that time. And honestly, it just might take me that long to make it work.

So, yes, here it is: Wake Up Early August. I’m cringing as I am writing this, but I want to start making it happen. Fortunately, my twin sister has offered to harangue text me when she gets up so I can have a partner in crime. Now, all I have to do is come up with an incentive to reward my efforts!

This will be interesting….

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